“Hang on to your youthful enthusiasms — you’ll be able to use them better when you’re older.”

– Seneca

The Love Vote


Crowd-driven video campaigns to help those who can’t vote (movers) capture promises from those who usually don’t. Users can promise to vote, and The Love Vote will remind users of their promise when their election dates draw near.

Placeholder was created to provide simple, easy-to-understand advanced statistics and compelling structured data tables, lists and content for eSports, starting with professional League of Legends.

The Founder’s Blueprint


The Founder’s Blueprint was an exercise and evaluation program I led the design and implementation of, assisting early-stage founders identify gaps in product validation,
planned/necessary operational requirements and a path to MVP or fundraising.

ORGANIZE 53 & 54


At ORGANIZE we built the country’s very first central registry for organ donations, to ensure that registrations can be found anywhere and can be created using simple online form embeds and APIs.

We paired registrations with social network activity like tweets to create the concept of social declarations.



With Johns Hopkins Medical, we built The Donor application, a web app crafted to allow donors seeking living donation to publicly answer the right questions and share those answers, increasing the likelihood a donor will come forward.

Librify & Target


Before the Scribd acquisition, Librify had completed an integration partnership with Target retail locations and eCommerce sales for Librify gift cards as the seed for eventually providing Target eBook sales and the Target Book Club.

Librify eReader Application (iOS)


We created an iOS application that supported monthly subscription renewals for eBook commerce, a full eReader with Adobe DRM and advanced, social-reading book club functionality, an eBook catalog containing titles from all major publishers, and a custom shelves and list-making system for tracking your eBook wishlists or library.



I founded GrubSpy — a short-lived boutique agency offering social media and events services to New York small and mid-size restaurants and restaurant groups. We planned events and organized one of New York City’s recurring pub trivia businesses for restaurants and corporate events.

Bookish Recommendation Engine


Product lead on the recommender system within an eCommerce books destination site funded by Penguin Books, Simon &
Schuster and Hachette Book Group.
Recommendations were fueled by user data, unique publisher input, reviews and ratings, library data and a little more special sauce. Acquired by Zola Books in 2013.

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